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can i purchase wholesale from you?

Yes!  If you are a registered business and would like to either sell our products at your retail outlet, or use our products in your food & beverage business, contact us for our wholesale price list.

can I come to your shop to purchase?

No. We do not have a retail shop at our premises and we do not keep extra stock on hand.  We produce  specifically for orders from retailers, restaurants, etc.  If you are looking to purchase our products as a customer, click here to find the retailers that sell our products.

can I get your products outside of klang valley?

Yes!  Firstly, Vegan District delivers orders throughout Peninsular Malaysia, even cold delivery.  Check out their website for more information.  Secondly, we also have retailers in Lankawai and Johor. Check out the details on our Find Us page.

Are your products certified halal?

We do not yet have halal certification.  However, ingredients used in our products are halal & also are 100% animal and alcohol free.  We also make sure to use flavors that are halal certified such as the vanilla extract used in our ice creams.  Feel free to contact us with questions about any particular products.

are your products allergy friendly?

We understand challenges of food allergies and so we do our best to offer products, free of allergens and nutrient-rich at the same time.  You will not find here, vegan cheese simply made from water, oil, and starch which can be allergy free but it is also not the best, nutrient wise!  Instead you will find some of our vegan cheeses made with a base of organic soy milk, and others made with a base of organic sunflower seeds or cashews.  You will be able to sort products to find those that are soy free.  

If you need:

SOY FREE – we have organic sunflower seed and cashew based cheeses for you! Our ice creams are mostly soy free as well. A few of our vegan meats are soy free as well.

NUT FREE – we have organic soy and organic sunflower seed based cheeses that are nut free.  Our vegan meats are also nut free.

GLUTEN FREE – our cheeses and ice creams are all gluten free.  We do not make them in a dedicated facility and as such we can’t guarantee no cross contamination.

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact us with your questions.

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