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Since 2017


VERDANYA (GREEN WORLD) is a derivation from the words VERDANT(GREEN) and DUNYA(WORLD) to make GREEN WORLD – a world we aspire to preserve.

Verdanya began as My Plant Deli, a humble home-based kitchen with recipes we made for our family for years. We make vegan versions of some of our favorite comfort foods and we are always thinking of new flavors and products! We are happy to share these products with others,  using the best ingredients possible including organic ingredients and natural herbs and spices. Our recipes and creations are driven by our 3 core values and are the reasons why we do what we do.

  • Play an important role in protecting the environment.
  • Inspire people to lead healthy lives.
  • Work towards eliminating animal cruelty.
vegan cheese extra melty organic akela verdanya Malaysia

Food Reimagined

Foods can be comforting. Especially ones you grew up eating. But that doesn’t mean those foods can’t be made so that animals are not harmed, they are healthier, and better for the environment.  We consider ourselves veganeers – re-imagining what comforting foods can be in a better world.


Best Ingredients

At Verdanya we started by cooking for our own family, and we continue by cooking for yours. Naturally, we only want to use the best ingredients such as organic soy, organic sunflower seeds, and natural herbs, spices, and flavors.


Our hope is that our foods inspire you to create vegan versions of your old favorite foods, and brand new masterpieces as well! Whether you need to make a quick mac’n’cheese for lunch, or you want to create a 4 cheese lasagna for a holiday dinner, we are here for you.

vegan mac'n'cheese verdanya Malaysia


A Fresh Approach to Food 

Tasty food can also be healthy, made with real ingredients, and be 100% vegan. Our approach is to use real ingredients to add nutrition and flavor to our products.  You’ll find organic soy milk, organic sunflower seeds, or cashews as the base of our cheeses, to add protein, creaminess, and other nutrients. Only pure vanilla extract, real berries, and other carefully chosen additions go into our ice creams. Only real spices such as paprika, pepper, oregano, etc. are used in our vegan meats to add flavor. No artificial flavors, colours, or preservatives are used in our foods.


We have a variety of vegan cheeses, meats, ice creams, and more. We know what it’s like to  accommodate food allergies, different diets, etc. Whether you are looking for gluten free, soy free, or nut free options, you can find something here.


Any Day Any Time

We have something for any time of the day!  Enjoy a vegan cheesy omelette and sausage for a leisurely breakfast. Make a quick pastrami and cheese sandwich to take for your lunch. For dinner, make some homemade pizza with cheese and pepperoni. Or feature one of our roasts for a classic roast dinner.  Finish the day with some Talivara ice cream. You can also use our products for making your favorite Asian menus. From Indian curry dishes to Chinese stir-fry and noodle dishes to Malay sambal dishes. It’s that versatile and universal.

vegan egg French toast Malaysia verdanya



This vegan omelette and french toast mix is healthy, easy, and tasty! A great way to add protein to a meal.

vegan sunny cheddar cheese extra melty organic soy akela verdanya Malaysia



No shortage of vegan cheese here!  We have the classics such as mozzarella and cheddar blocks, as well as fun flavors like pepperjack, brie, and hard parmesan!

vegan meat roast verdanya Malaysia



Don’t give up your favorite flavors when you go plant based!  From sausages, pepperoni, deli sliced pastrami, crumbles, and shredded “un-chicken”, we have it!

vegan frozen double cheese pizza akela verdanya mozzarella cheddar Malaysia



Our convenient and delicious frozen pizzas are a great way to enjoy a quick meal!  Available in 5 varieties.


Ice Cream

Our great variety of vegan ice cream flavors are sure to please! In addition to being dairy free, most are soy free and all are gluten free.


What We’re Known For 

Vegan Sausages

One of our very first products, our vegan sausages are easy, versatile, and tasty!  Available in four flavors including the best selling spicy herb.

vegan siamese tomyam sausages verdanya Malaysia
vegan hard parmesan cheese extra melty organic sunflower seeds akela verdanya Malaysia

Hard Parmesan

Hard parmesan is one of our newest cheeses, yet it quickly became a best seller. With a strong flavor, firm texture, and the ability to melt, it is a perfect replacement for dairy parmesan.

Rocky Road Ice Cream

The first vegan ice cream in Malaysia available with real vegan marshmallows, this flavor was an instant hit and is one of our biggest sellers.

rocky road vegan ice cream talivara verdanya Malaysia